Kory Anderson

Kory Anderson is the founder of Iron Warrior products and Iron Warrior Training Academy. He is the CEO of Dakota Foundry & Anderson Industries and has 20+ years of experience in foundry work, manufacturing, welding, fabrication, and blacksmithing. He created Iron Warrior in the midst of the 2019 pandemic to help bring more American-made products to the homes of those in need.

Learn more about him at www.koryanderson.com

Mark de Grasse Iron Warrior Advisory Board
Advisory Board Member

Mark de Grasse

Mark de Grasse is the owner of MegaMad, a media company that manages a variety of brands in industries ranging from healthcare to non-profit to fitness equipment and beyond. He’s also the owner of WOMO Magazine, former Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit, and former owner/editor of My Mad Methods Magazine.
Taylor Dayne Loyd
Advisory Board Member

Taylor Dayne Loyd

Taylor Dayne Loyd is a nationally-recognized fitness competitor. While competing with CrossFit, she qualified as an individual for regionals, later going on with a team. She won the amateur division at The Fittest Experience, but decided competing wasn’t her main passion. She’s now a personal trainer and helps others reach their fitness goals with the help of Iron Warrior products.

Andrew Palmowski
Lead Design Engineer

Andrew Palmowski

Andrew Palmowski is our Design Engineer and responsible for developing creative new products for Iron Warrior. He comes from a diverse technical background with an extensive emphasis on mechanical engineering. He has a genuine passion for creative engineering and his mission is to create the best fitness products, 100% Made in USA. In his free time, you can find him working on his fitness and personal health goals in Austin, Texas. Have a concept idea? Email him at andrew@ironwarriorusa.com

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