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Iron Warrior Kettlebells are made from the highest grade of AMERICAN iron by some of the toughest and hardest working men and women at Dakota Foundry in Webster, SD – the last standing iron foundry in South Dakota.

These kettlebells were initially designed for the training of Iron Warriors, the next generation of manufacturing specialist.

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All proceeds go to the education of skilled workers into the manufacturing trades and for donations of equipment to US Military Training and Veterans.

Product Specifications:

  • 100% MADE IN THE USA
  • Cast only with the highest grade of Class 30 Gray Iron
  • Best in Industry “Textured Matte Black” Powder coat*
  • Cast as one single piece for strength and reliability (in comparison to competitors with welded handles, making them easier to break)
  • Engraved Iron Warrior logo showing your support for the next generation of skilled workers
  • Engraved weight in Kilograms and Pounds for quick distinction
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 3%

*This is a game changer for improved grip and protection of iron

All orders are typically processed in 8-10 business days

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Product Specifications:

  • 100% MADE IN THE USA
  • Cast only with the highest grade of Class 30 Gray American Iron
  • Best in Industry “Textured Matte Black” Powder coat*
  • Cast as one single piece for strength and reliability (in comparison to competitors with welded handles, making them easier to break)
  • Engraved Iron Warrior logo showing your support for the next generation of skilled workers
  • Engraved weight in Kilograms and Pounds for quick distinction
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 3%

*This is a game changer for improved grip and protection of iron

All orders are typically processed in 8-10 business days. You will receive an email when your order has been shipped.

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11Lb/5Kg, 18Lb/8Kg, 26Lb/12Kg, 35Lb/16Kg, 44Lb/20Kg, 53Lb/24Kg, 53Lb 7SFG(A), 62Lb/28Kg, 70Lb/32Kg, 80Lb/36Kg, 88Lb/40Kg, 97Lb/44Kg, 106Lb/48Kg

51 reviews for Iron Warrior Kettlebells

  1. Anonymous

    You cannot beat this quality for the price. Plus delivery turnaround was incredible given the national kettlebell shortage right now. The tram is a pleasure to work with and answered all my questions. The best part? All proceeds benefit the next generation of skilled workers. #IamIronWarrior

  2. Stefanos T.

    These kettlebells are great I got 2 35lb bells and they have been awesome. They look great and don’t have any burrs or marks on them they are clean out the package. Wish I bought more. Quality product made here in America. Got to love it.

  3. Anonymous

    Just received 2 53lb KBs. price can’t be beat, feel is solid and can’t wait to use in a workout. BEST PART is customer service. As I reached out to ensure delivery by a date (for a surprise party) they responded and understood my situation and made fulfillment happen. I WILL order more soon!

  4. Brian

    Great product and great customer service! Had an issue with my shipment…Kory made no excuses and fixed the problem. You can tell a lot about a company by the way they respond to problems. These guys are doing things right!

  5. Ethan

    Where to start…Highest grade material used, cast as one single piece, rad logo which is engraved, weight listed in both Kilo’s and Pounds along with quick but quality production and shipping. Above all else, they communicate with customers and resolves any issues you may have. They genuinely appreciate and are grateful for positive reviews and support. Best of all, 100% made in the USA, which not all companies do this (hint hint…verify no matter who you purchase through as some big names don’t readily disclose this). Lastly, my first order the machined flat bottom somehow came out wobbly. This is extremely rare and the company took immediate ownership and corrected the issue and then some. Again, they value and appreciate customers. SUPPORT IRON WARRIOR, this is a great company. If they start making yoke racks, other racks, barbells, dumbbells, etc. I’ll be the first to try them out.

  6. Frank

    Just received my 20KG kettle bell and I have to say I am more than satisfied with this product. Very high quality, the powdered finish is great, the exact weight on the scale is 45lbs. What’s really special about this product is the mission behind it, knowing that with this purchase there’s Americans working to provide this essential service to their fellow Americas across the country. On top of that, the customer service was great as well, we all know that when we order something online we tend to check for shipping e-mails and tracking # immediately. I reached out just for a status update and was assured my kettle bell was being processed and shipping in a day or two. I was also informed on how they are better managing the production for the demand and I completely understood. The following day my kettle bell was shipped and received it within 4 days of shipping. I loved the product so much I have another 20KG on the way and will probably order a couple more in the future. I highly recommend them!

  7. Jeff

    Just got my 28KG kettlebell and I couldn’t be more impressed. Prior to knowing about IW I ordered a 20KG and it took almost double the time to get it and the cost was substantially more. Plus the mission behind IW is one I can truly get behind and I’ve been spreading the word. Now I’m ordering my 36KG bell and will definitely be ordering more.

  8. Jeff

    I bought the 20, 24, 16 and 12KG bells and the product is outstanding! These are great additions to my new home gym. It’s awesome that they’re made in the USA and the mission behind it. I can’t decide if I now want another 24 or get a big boy (36kg). Bottom line, they’re legit!

  9. Frederick W

    Great product, received kettlebells in about 2 weeks

  10. Michael K

    There was a mixup at FedEx with the shipment, and IronWarrior took it upon themselves to send out a new shipment instead of making me wait for FedEx to fix it.

  11. Rhodes N

    Great product

  12. Thomas H

    Hi quality, made in the USA. Pretty great all around!

  13. Wilson G

    Customer service misinformed me about when my product would be shipped and I ended up getting it around a week later than I was told. With that said, they made sure to keep me updated and genuinely seemed to care about my satisfaction after I complained.

  14. Carlos B

    “Purchased a 20 Kg kettlebell, great quality.
    Shipping was fast, excellent communications throughout the entire process (from initial inquiry to arrival).”

  15. Paul C

    We will definitely be ordering more from you guys in the weeks to come. Keep up the great work!

  16. Nick B

    Awesome quality and quick delivery (all things considered). I love supporting small american businesses and will be getting more to complete my set.

  17. Scott A

    I love this kettlebell. The shape of the handle (especially the size for my big hands). I’ve had powerful swing training almost daily since receiving this. As soon as feasible I will be buying another to introduce even more variety and pain 🙂

  18. David A

    One of the nicest and best quality I have seen in a kettlebell.

  19. Fabio F

    Awesome! Very well build. Great texture and solid construction.

  20. Larry S

    Great product, quick shipping

  21. Matthew M

    Needed some kettlebells for home workouts and these are perfect. They are made in the USA by Americans and are exactly what I wanted.

  22. Dominik G

    Great quality Kettlebell, nice finish, gets the job done for your quarantine workouts!

  23. Richard P

    Extremely well made bell. Outstanding communication throughout the ordering process, diligent follow up, and on time delivery. Best of all, made in the U.S.A.

  24. William R (verified owner)

    Solid kettlebell

  25. Ivor G

    Love the quality and feel of this bell! Will definitely be buying more

  26. John S

    They were great!!! My package was delivered to a different address and fedex lost it and they replaced within days. They were easy to get into contact with and very pleasant. I would highly recommend them.

  27. Ricardo V

    Great kettlebell!!!

  28. Seth C

    Great quality, great price !

  29. William T

    Bought a 35lb bell recently. Looks great and weighs 35 lbs. has great finish. I already taught it to sit and stay, and it was housebroken when it got here. Thank you!

  30. Jason H (verified owner)

    I am a kettlebell newbie, so take that into account but I am super happy with my kettlebells!

  31. Richard

    Definitely couldn’t wait to use my new iron warrior kettlebell! Awesome love it! Getting ready to make another order!

  32. Nicholas L

    “Fantastic kettlebell, I purchased the 35lb & 44lb versions.

    While Fedex had some issues Iron Warrior did a fantastic job getting the product out in the first place and being communicative when there were problems during shipping.

    The kettlebells themselves are fantastically made with no burrs and the powder coating is done very well. For frame of reference, in my sourcing background I have found that Powder Coating QA is often overlooked on many international products (then again I don’t source gym equipment).

    Will most definitely buy again and will be back soon for different sizes.”

  33. Angelo A

    Thank you for a great product .

  34. Keith C

    Great looking kettlebell with powder coating. Handle has a nice grip. I have bigger hands and have no problem gripping. Also Made in USA!

  35. Jorge G

    Easy to handle, love the design. Most importantly proud to buy American Made.

  36. David A

    Excellent product and excellent customer service!

  37. Rodrigo M

    I ordered two of the 35lb bells and I have no complaints

  38. Torey F

    They do what they are supposed to do. I actually like the coating/grip a bit more than the competitors brand. They aren’t slick. The other huge reason I purchased these was because they are made in the and support a good cause.

  39. Gio S (verified owner)

    Love my KB from Iron Warrior, the finish is amazing and service and price were great!

  40. Wayne R

    The bell is bye far my favorite. The handle is the perfect size

  41. Leonardo L

    My kettlebell is amazing, I made an excellent purchase with you, I highly recommend you. Thank you very much.

  42. Kris W

    I’ve been doing CrossFit for 12 years and this kettle bell feels just as good, if not better than most I’ve used thus far

  43. Mario R

    These kettlebells look good and have a very smooth design. The handle is a great fit with perfect size and texture grip. I strongly recommend this product. Made in the USA!!

  44. Marqus R

    “During a time when weights and kettlebell prices were skyrocketing, this was a great find. Good feel to it. It’s exactly what you want out of a kettlebell.

    It did take a little while to get it shipped to me, but it was not too bad, and the customer service was great. I cannot wait for the warbell coming soon.”

  45. Mike K (verified owner)

    Solid 1 piece cast. Made in America. Cool logo. I’m glad they are part of my gym. Great customer service also.

  46. Timothy H

    Very well made and solid. The handle thickness is just right. According to my scale it weighs 36.0 Lbs which is exactly one pound heavy but I’d rather have it one pound heavy than one pound light.

  47. Jessica C

    Great grip, perfect weight. Will purchase again.

  48. Matt L

    Highest quality product and service! I love that they are American made!

  49. Richard N

    Awesome KB’s, i first ordered 1 used it soo much I ordered another 3 pack. Its a great quality product made in the USA. Good price, at just over 2 bucks a pound for the 3 packs, best pre’Covid price I’ve ever seen was about 1.90 per lb. Shipping took about a month which is fine considering the high demand of home gym equipment during a pandemic. Minor critic’s only, handles may be too small for some & base is slightly unstable. Neaither of these factors bother me as I almost never do push ups on 2 bells or renegade rows, & mostly do single arm movements. Im also pretty used leaving my pinkys outta the handle for double hand moves as I’m 6’5″ with very large hands. Love ’em! I also got the J hooks to mount all my bells on the wall, gets everything off the ground saves floor space & looks awesome.

  50. Christain Marentes

    Looking forward to using in my home gym!

  51. Matt

    So good I placed a second order.
    Top-tier quality at a reasonable price, all made in the USA.
    That’s a formula that can’t be beat.

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